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Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is the application of psychological science, knowledge and methods to the law to help answer legal questions arising in criminal, civil, contractual, or other judicial proceedings. Forensic psychology also includes research and consultation on various psychology-law topics, such as jury selection, restorative justice and systemic racism in criminal law, eyewitness testimony, child custody disputes, discrimination and other issues.

Areas of Practice

  Evaluation of Competency to Stand Trial

  Violence Risk and Sex Offense Risk

  Mental Status at the Time of the Offense

  Differential Psychiatric (DSM-5 TR) Diagnosis

  Psychological Injury and Traumatic Stress

  Parental Fitness Evaluation

  Independent Medical (Psychological ) Evaluation (IME)

  Fitness for Duty and Return to Work

  Evaluation for Law Enforcement and Public Safety


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